Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finding Bass-Friendly Music - Last.Fm

Finding music you like can be a bit of a hit and miss thing. Us low-end bassist types generally have an unusual and eclectic taste in music - and I mean that in a good way, honest!

Check out There are a few different elements to the system. First, the website itself - lots of interesting music, videos, pointers for events and the like... But before you knock yourself out, two other bits: The scrobbler, which runs on your music machine of choice (Mac or PC) and keeps track of what you listen to. Then the social network part of Last.Fm:

You can connect with friends, share what you are listening too and find out what they are listening too. And now the best part. mashes all of this up to find tracks that it thinks you will like and people who share your musical tastes. How cool it that?

So, you want to get started? Here you go:
  • Go to the site and sign up (it's free):
  • I'd say connect to me, but given my taste in music, that might spin you...
  • Much better idea, find some of your friends on there, or follow through to listeners of things you like (I started UK solo bassist Steve Lawson).
  • And, don't say we don't ever give you anything! Steve is giving away (as in for free) his album "Lessons Learnt From An Aged Feline Pt I" - get it here. Give it a listen through and add a comment. It is on the very ambient end of Steve's stuff - it has been calming us down here, bringing a bit of peace and tranquility!


Simonlittlebass said...

I've found that is a great resource for discovering new music. The 'Listen to similar artists' feature is fantastic for that. I've really enjoyed hooking up with other bassists and listening to their playlists. It's amazing how a lot of us listen to very similar music (not just the bass-centric stuff). I've also uploaded the tracks from my Podcast which has allowed me to track a few of my listeners and get some feedback. If you're not using yet, waste no more time and get scrobbling!

Benjamin said...

Folks, do check out Simon's podcast.

Last.FM seems to be good from both sides of the fence (listeners and composers!). I think that adding a social element to music really makes it come alive.

Sebastian(o)Mereu said...

I agree. Everyone can benefit from Last.FM: artists and fans.

Benjamin said...

The best of the new web 2.0 - win win for artist and listener. And, of course, all great bassists and great listeners too!